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tv   Right This Minute  FOX  March 1, 2016 2:00pm-2:31pm PST

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a woman locks her car door as another driver heads her way. >> nucleus level of anger. >> why she had every reason to be afraid. after deputies rescue a dog, the story of how momma got her cody back. >> where did you find him? a perfect day for sightseeing. >> let's go to mexico. >> how to get the ultimate view over the sea of cortez. plus, the buzz word for your chance to win a new ipad mini. our chance to pay tribute to one of rtm's favorite people.
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and an epic matt stoney food challenge. >> using cheesecake. >> the astounding amount that's go on in 60 seconds. >> and look at that tiny behind, like where is this all going? the sheer number committed in this is redonculous because it is all over nothing. the first one comes to us from australia and it comes at nuclear levels of anger. something right at the wind screen. then -- >> ah! >> it terminated the side window. you could hear the screams of the driver we are riding with. a grandmother -- >> i'm really dis gusting at this that he would have that level of violence over like you said, nothing. >> this guy is a maniac. what is he doing on the road? let's hope in australia they can
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track this guy down. now we head to california with the incident about to happen. there it was, ladies and gentlemen. everybody calm down. the cyclist went around this la landrover, which was parked in the bicycle lane. land rover is way more palpable than a bicycle. it all couples down until the bicycle catches up with the land rover. watch what the land rover does, he chases this bike down! >> what? >> both of these videos -- >> i'm just easing you into this one. >> that wasn't close enough, that's go for another one. it's on the third time he really does try to take a swipe at the cyclist. oh, little bit close there. >> wow. >> he then pulls it over to the side, stops where he shouldn't stop. i want everybody to keep an eye on his left hand. >> go ahead and [ bleep ].
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>> he handbags the door. >> are you drunk? >> no. >> so after lots of swear words, they decide to part ways. the piece of paper is on the floor right there! he's also illiterate, ladies and gentlemen. >> even if there are charges of any kind, everybody knows this guy is kind of a fill in the blank. ever since the day someone thought of the idea of connecting a tank track to an engine and putting a seat on top of it, snowmobile guys were doing this with them. going up snowy mountain hills, this guy in cook city, montana. now you get into that version snow and uh-oh. oh! oh! look at the size of it!
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this avalanche video ends up better than you could have ever hoped for. because the snow goes sliding down past the guy, somehow he manages to stop. this snowmobile lands upright and doesn't continue tumbling down the hill. >> oh, my goodness. all he had to do was walk up to the snowmobile and keep going. >> no injuries, just awesome video. >> luck. when we see these animal rescue videos, many time they find the animal but can't find the opener. this is a completely different time because they had to find
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the owner. this is the owner being reunited with cody. they say cody was found in a canal. they had a special tool to shimmy their way down, grab the dog and rescue it. >> wow. >> luckily, cody had a license and a phone number and name. so they called cody's owner and that's where we pick up this story. oh, cody, i missed you so much! welcome back! >> i feel like she's part of my family. one of the things who moved down to florida years ago. >> i never thought you'd make it back again. >> she's been looking for this dog three days. so they call her number several times, she wasn't home. finally they got her. she was at an animal rescue. she was so overcome, she had to hand one of the employees the phone. >> well, you have to imagine when you lose a pet and you wonder if they have been hit by
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a car, which is the worst. >> it's the worst automatically and you think, gosh, am i going to see the poor dog again. >> for many people, that's air sole companion every day. >> here you go. >> thank you. it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> to enter give me tuesday's buzz word, be 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> our buzz word is coming by in just a bit. >> stand by for the ipad mini giveaway. let's head over to one of the most beautiful places on the planet. no, i'm not biased as well. let's go to mexico. where there's this really cool skydiving video. these guys were over the sea of cortez and this guy stuck in the '80s is all strapped into his parachute. right here he takes off. enjoy the beautiful dive down
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where you see the water, some of the deserted area. >> is this in rocky point? because i swear i drank at that bar next to that r.v. park. i'm pretty sure it's called wreck at the reef. i'm not lying. all i was saying is how close mexico was for him to parachute. >> what is so nice, you're right, christian, how beautiful mexico is. i love going to mexico and this is a really cool kind of double thing to watch. >> he gets down to the sand and lands perfectly. >> stuck in the '80s, he is more like officer dangle with those shorts. a security guard is in the middle of a tussle with a teen. >> with another one running right up and kick is him.
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closed captioning provided by -- antihistamine plus a powerful decongestant. breathing free for 24 hours strong. allegra-d®. they say it's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. and well, there's nothing fun or funny about what i'm about to show you. oh! >> holy cow! >> ouch! >> yeah, this all went down at the good life festival in australia. apparently some kids had dumped this at the festival and the security guard was going to stop him. what you're looking at is him
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tussling with a kid and another one runs up and kicks him smack dab in the hip. you see him, he's a little discombobulated because he just got kicked in the head. >> he was unconscious there for a couple seconds for sure. >> i have a different view of this and you can just see where the kid runs right up and takes a swing at him. other festival goers kind of close in on him to make sure he's okay. >> and what a little jerk. he just takes off running. >> it's a cowardly act. he barely finishes the kick and is running away. it's just the worst kind of behavior. >> this is a problem at the festival. folks were pointing before the festival about how they were going to be getting in. the security -- >> the 56-year-old guard has been evicting jumpers who had not applied for a ticket. >> so all the muscles in my neck are sore and it runs down to my shoulder. >> you see all those kids popping over the fence.
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>> the stupid part is everybody jumps over the fence and the people who organize it aren't going to make any money means next year there's not going to be a festival to go to. >> fortunately, they have made an arrest. this type of thing can carry a fine and jail time. so it's really not worth it. we humans love scraping the bowl after somebody's made cake batter. for dogs it's everything. like this popsicle stick. everything is gone off that stick, but storm is trying to get every ounce of flavor out. like storm is like, there was deliciousness on here and i'm going to get it out. >> absolutely hypnotized by storm's tongue. >> they said it would be hypnotizing to watch storm lick that stick. now, this next video proves that dogs are entertaining even when you're not around. there you s see prince in the kitchen goes up to the counter
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and think, the that lunch meat on the counter? no. well, they shouldn't have left it out on the counter. >> french is just doing his chores. he's about to clean up at the cat is like, i'm out of here, for a good reason. >> oh! >> that's the way cats do it. not the dog. >> what's priceless is this isn't the only time. that wasn't one and done for prince. prince is like, i'm still getting up there. >> poor pr a lot of things we say we need that we really don't need is this. especially when you have a motorcycle man, you need this. >> yeah. you need one. >> i've seen this thing and thought, boy, that would make it a lot easier to move things around the garage. >> yes, that's what makes it so hard to maneuver the motorcycle once it's setting through and in the garage you need to get to something.
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this thing, the roller stand, literally places the back wheel of your motorcycle, the kickstand, on the actual roller stand. and that way you can move this thing easily. it just slides and glides around your garage or wherever you keep your motorcycle. >> how much? >> $350. >> okay. that's pretty clever because then you can refocus. every time you move the bike, you don't have it in the way for all the stuff you need to do. >> first you need to have a garage to get rid of that junk. extreme kayaking all across the world. >> it's just fantastic. >> living the dream, man. living the dream. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come, her friends and family show up unexpectedly. >> and they break into dance. >> see why this surprise ends with a romantic twist. plus there's still time to win the ipad mini. we'll reveal the tuesday buzz word for your chance to win it next.
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promotional consideration is provided by -- giving people options based on their budget is pretty edgy... kind of like this look. i'm calling it the "name your price tool" phase. whatever. the rpm video dash. now you can watch videos while you wait. download it now. i hope -- ♪ you're all in the mood for love ♪ ♪ i hope you're all in the mood for love ♪ >> how you doin? >> these guys are doing much better because on the valentine's weekend they -- >> it was the pub. awesome. my kind of host. and beer.
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>> while enjoying a beer at this cool patio beer joint, her friends and family start showing up and they break into dance to the tune of "marry you" by bruno mars. everybody is dancing, she's now in tears, surprised that everybody is showing up. even the baby is taking part in this flashmob. >> it takes a village to get people married nowadays, it really does. >> you can see she's completely shocked. it seems like they may have come out of nowhere. >> then this guy shows up with a very important message. >> hey, at least he can sing. >> right? at least she's not going to break up with jason. >> i have that fear in front of all friends and family and you don't even know yet. >> what if? i think it's safe to assume she
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says yes. she's wearing this beautiful ring, we get a quick shot of it. now it's time to celebrate. congratulations, guys. >> youan celebrate with some beer. cheesecake. yes, please! it's meant to be savered, right? >> well -- savored in what, one, two, three bites? >> okay, well, good. you'll appreciate this. because nothing is savered with matt stony around. >> here's 60 seconds for the 2015 episode 16 as a song twister. new york cheesecake. >> and the cost is -- >> three, two, one. >> and he's off! three bites down in 13 seconds. >> you can understand the the theory behind it. because even the cookie bottom is all crushed up and the cheese is going to lube craricate it o way down.
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>> you would think he wouldn't be able to consume it so quickly. >> at this point we have eight slices down, 37 seconds on the clock. every time he consumes a slice, they slide another plate forward. now 12 slices down. >> three, two, one. >> look at that, 13 slices! >> oh, good to. even the camera guy gets a slice. yes, finally, some left for me! >> 13 slices, 60 seconds. 5300 calories consumed. look at that tiny behind. like where is this all going? it's time to give away another ipad mini. >> all you need is the buzz word, be at least 18 years old and a legal u.s. resident. >> head over to and click on ipad. >> you can enter each and every day. >> let's reveal today's buzz word. it's question. >> so head on over to
2:22 pm and click on the win ipad mini with today's buzz word. q-u-e-s-t-i-o-n. >> and you can also win a flat-screen tv. good luck, everybody! we following the journey of someone near and dear to the rtm family. but today see how we are showing our love for one lovely lady. >> i love that moment.
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ever want to have. when people ask you what you had for dinner, sushi. right. our beloved beth, one of the original hosts on "right this minute," brought us a lot of laughs, we loved her. she left last summer to go back home to north carolina and spend time with her mother, nancy. nancy had been diagnosed with ovarian cancer. it's shaking us up a little bit
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here at "right this minute." it's a sad day to talk about it, but we want to let you know that beth's mom, nancy, did pass away this past saturday of ovarian cancer. we share this journey with our beth multiple times. beth surprising her mom at the airport. her mom's reaction just cracks us up here. >> ah! i don't understand. >> the sheer joy that her mom expressed in that moment that can never be replaced. >> when beth broke news to us here on the show that she was leaving the position to go back home, beth took some of her hair to make a wig for her mom. >> one of the things that's so hard is losing your hair and wanting to feel pretty and normal. so i wanted to help my mom. i wanted to help her do that. >> it was a very emotional moment to be there. we were all in tears at one point but also very happy because it was such a wonderful,
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generous thing she was doing. that moment when she actually had her haircut -- >> for my mom. >> everyone was breathless because we were just so caught up in that moment of heartache but also of joy and love. because that's what all of that was manifesting, all the love that beth felt for her mother. >> nancy was a really, really special lady. the first time she met me, we just got along like a wildfire. and she bought me a necklace. and i so want to wear it on tv and they tell me i can't because it shines too much. so i wore it to church. and they could see me from the class. i said, beth, give me your number, i have to tell her. that's the kind of woman she was. she met me one time and thought enough of me to buy me a present. >> those who were lucky enough to meet her, we all learned obviously where beth got her wonderful and beautiful spirit from. >> it was tough to watch. because for beth, she was leaving home to go home. >> both places where were her
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heart was. and there was not a person on earth that didn't think she was making the right decision. and we are so glad she did because she got some valuable, wonderful time with her mom. >> i am just praying for her and her family at this time. >> we can all say, i love you very much. i'm very happy we got to spend the time we did with beth. and all of us here at "right this minute" are sending out our heartfelt sympathies and loves.
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a suspect in a cop car is about to face -- >> the fists of fury. >> while oddly enough the fists are his own. >> two, three, four. he got hit by himself. i workout for most reasons than most people do. i'm thinking about survival. >> a pro surfer shares secrets to riding a 70-foot wave the training regiment to bring tears to your eyes. her boyfriend took her to disneyland for a little funs with puns. >> hey, i'm feeling a little horse. neigh! >> see just how long he can keep it


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